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Members of our team lead multi-centre research trials, lecture around the globe, and advise the Ministry of Health on standards of practice.

Our Research

At the Orthopaedic Rehabilitation Institute, we have a dynamic team of surgeons, medical professionals, and researchers dedicated to innovation and improving the lives all persons affected by injury or chronic bone, spine and joint conditions. Our clinical practice values include a patient-centred approach, using evidence to inform the highest quality diagnostic and treatment considerations. We believe in inclusivity and have focussed our practice on the entire spectrum ranging from minor soft-tissue injuries to complex care.


To be at the forefront clinically, means active participation in teaching, research and health systems evolution. Members of our team are appointed at the University of Toronto and lead multi-centre research trials, lecture around the globe, and advise the Ministry of Health on standards of practice. Our main areas of focus include clinical research to improve patient outcomes, and research on image guided technology, orthobiologics, trauma rehabilitation, and injury prevention.

At ORI, we have recently partnered with Sunnybrook Hospital's Orthopedic Division. Patients from the clinic are referred to us for care to facilitate early and evidence-based treatment. We emphasize using a holistic and patient-centred approach, the model of which we hope will become the standard of practice.


Image-guided research explores the integration of imaging modalities to enhance minimally invasive procedures or understand more about bone and joint conditions. It also increases the precision of procedures and decreases their risks, which should improve patient outcomes, and lower costs.


Orthobiologics are substances used in conjunction with other treatments to treat injuries such as broken bones and injured muscles, tendons, and ligaments. These substances are naturally found in the human body and they are involved in healing processes. By introducing a high concentration of these substances to the injured location via an injection, surgeons hope to accelerate the healing process, but more research is needed to better understand their best use.


The complex trauma rehabilitation research we perform is geared towards designing traumatic injury protocols that provide patients with the best possible chance of maximizing their recovery. These are performed using a systematic review of the literature. Our protocols can be further adapted to ensure they meet the current patients’ specific needs.

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