Orthopaedic Rehabilitation Institute (ORI) is a multidisciplinary outpatient facility that aims to streamline both primary and private healthcare services.

O ur vision is to execute high quality evidence-based practices and provide equal opportunities for all patients with Chronic Pain injuries. ORI is pleased to offer OHIP funded medical consultations for assessment in the following areas:

  • Chronic pain management consultations
  • Procedural Medicine/Injections
  • Narcotic Reduction and Pain Transition Program

About the Clinic

At ORI's Chronic Pain Clinic, we treat and manage many conditions related to pain, including back, neck and knee pain, sciatica, neuropathic pain, headaches, and more. We also offer a Narcotic Reduction and Pain Transition Program. Our doctors are patient-centered and are committed to utilizing an interdisciplinary and evidence-based approach to managing painful conditions.


Chronic Pain Management Consultation

An initial assessment will be performed to determine a pain management plan that is best suited to serve patients’ needs. This assessment will include a medical evaluation and a physical examination of each patients' current conditions. Thereafter, patients will be presented with various treatment options.

Procedural Medicine / Injections

The sole difference between a guided and non-guided injection is what the physician can see. A guided injection uses an ultrasound machine to allow the physician to visualize exactly where the needle is at all times. This ensures that the medication is delivered with more accuracy and precision. The injections performed at this clinic includes lidocaine, Botox, corticosteroid, hyaluronic acid, and platelet-rich plasma.

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Narcotic Reduction & Pain Transition Program

Our narcotic reduction program focuses on waning patients off narcotics and helping them transition back to their normal lives. Our pain transition program focuses on helping patients manage their pain, so they can get back enjoying life.

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