Orthopaedic Rehabilitation Institute (ORI) is a multidisciplinary outpatient facility that aims to streamline both primary and private healthcare services.

O ur vision is to execute high quality evidence-based practices and provide equal opportunities for all patients with Chronic Pain injuries.

ORI is pleased to offer OHIP funded medical consultations for assessment in the following areas:

  • Chronic pain management consultations
  • Procedural Medicine/Injections
  • Narcotic Reduction and Pain Transition Program

Pain Reduction Program

Our pain reduction program focuses on helping patients manage their pain, so they can get back enjoying life. Unfortunately, a cure for chronic pain does not exist, however, it is possible to reduce the level of pain with the right program!

To be eligible for this program, patients must first have a family physician who can refer them to our clinic. After a scheduled primary visit, our physicians will then determine if the problem can be treated by interventional pain management such as lidocaine infusions, Botox injections, nerve blocks, or nerve freezing. If possible, the patients will be enrolled in the program. It is important to note that this treatment may not work for everyone and is more effective in conjunction with physical therapy and counseling.

Program Details
During subsequent visits, patients’ progress will be monitored, and the prescribed treatments will be modified based on this. We will also perform more interventional procedures as needed, as well as provide patients with the knowledge on how to effectively and efficiently manage their pain with self-management techniques. At our clinic, we emphasize teaching and helping patients understand their symptoms as it is a vital part of the process that can often be overlooked. Our healthcare staff is always accessible to answer any questions and more than happy to guide you to a life with reduced pain.

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